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We are Vladimir and Anastasia Shvets, and this is our family business.

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In far 2010 we met each other, thanks to children. Anastasia worked as a youth counsellor and I was, sitting in the office, quietly jealous of her profession. Then an idea blossomed.

We decided to start a company that will host parties for children. Since that moment we are engaged in our favorite business and give ourselves entirely to children and organizing events that they will remember for years to come.


We believe that a happy person is a person that will try to make a change for the better. That is why we made it our mission to make kids happy and show that only love and kindness will make our world better.

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By being loyal to our core mission and values, we see ourselves evolving into a nationwide company with professional actors and high end services for kids entertainment.

Our team

We have the best staff in the world! It’s as if they are from of a cartoon. Don’t trust us? Feel free to meet the team.

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Team Jurrasic Park
Team Alice in the Wonderland
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