We spread love and magic through our parties for your children for over nine years. What are you waiting for?
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Photo of our staff at a beach party


The history of Mad Monkeys is the history of our Shvets family.

Photo of magic fairies bringing out cake at a party

In 2015, after we moved from Ukraine, we founded Mad Monkeys Events and worked as two clowns. Those were the only costumes we had. In the beginning, we stored our suits in a closet in the rented room where we lived and went to work on a small scooter even when it rained, and in Florida, it rains a lot. But every year, we invested all the money in developing our business. We bought bigger cars and moved to larger warehouses.

In 8 years, we grew from 2 clowns into a corporation with ten full-time employees, working with four outsourcing companies and another 20 contract actors. Today we have over 300 costumes, 20 unique shows, 20 themed decoration sets, $500,000 worth of professional equipment, a large 3,500 sq. ft. warehouse. and two cool commercial vans on which we deliver fun. But our story continues as we look to the future and see our company as a national company with 50 branches nationwide.


Through the entertainment and live act, to inspire and create positive emotions and memories for future adults.

A girl having a great time at her favorite paper show


To provide the best live-acting kid’s entertainment in the world, to make it better than it is.

Our Team

We have the best staff in the world! It’s as if they are from of a cartoon. Don’t trust us? Feel free to meet the team.

Mad Monkeys Events team gathered for a photo at a show program
Our team enjoying hosting a Jurrasic Park themed party show full of magic, dinosaurs, and unbelievable games.
Our team hosting "Alice in the Wonderland" themed birthday party where the White Queen, Red Queen and Mad Hatter prepare themselves for a tea party
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