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Captain America
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Captain America

The main American hero, Captain America, will take your little superheroes through over obstacle course which includes hurdles, a tunnel, an agility ladder, balance pods. Plus, the party entertainment includes defeating an insidious villain and saving an innocent baby. This exciting and challenging kids’ party will definitely make the guests of your event feel like a hero. Make sure your children have an unforgettable experience thanks to our kids entertainment company

Cost: $200 / 1 h

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How we do it

So now that you know what we do, you might have some questions. Do we do it good? Well, we invite you to see for yourself. Here’s a selection of the parties that  filmed latest.

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Our goal is to create a truely memorable experience.

Candy Buffet
Beauty Bar


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Our arts and crafts programs can show you that you can do anything

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Great times at "Snowwhite" themed party
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